Emerald Marie aka Emmy is a graphic designer living on the sunny side of Philadelphia. Yes, just like from that famous show. I’m a massive fan of matcha latte. Coffee is alright, but have you had MATCHA latte? It’s a game-changer. Just like ‘using your shoe to open your wine’ game-changer. Anyway, welcome to my blog. If you haven’t noticed by now from the first 3 sentences of my about me, I have too many thoughts. I often have a hard time collecting my thoughts and making them concrete before jumping to another one. That is why I created this website.

I’m currently a graphic designer but I actually graduated from a business college. So I have quite a bit of knowledge about finance, business and a little bit of real estate. Hence, those are the main topics I’m most definitely tackling in my blog. Writing my thoughts helps me think straight. It’s also a good practice for me to focus on just one topic at a time. I hope you find my blog useful in any way and I hope you enjoy being here all the while!

Lots of love, Emerald. <3