burwood beach white sand beach

The best white sand beach, Burwood  Beach, is located in the Rose Hall-Montego Bay area.  It is one of the very few natural beaches on the North Coast of Jamaica. However, it is often overlooked by most travelers.

Ironically,  travelers who opt for All Inclusive resorts, in the Montego Bay area, often say that the main reason for this is to lay by the beach. As a Jamaican, I find this totally fascinating.  Simply, because most of the beaches in these expensive, over priced hotels are actually man made. Furthermore, they are some of the worse beaches in  Montego Bay.

First, let me explain that us Locals are very proud of our beaches.  We are blessed with some of the most beautiful, exotic, pristine white sand beaches in the world.  It is difficult for us to appreciate anything but perfection as far as beaches go

Further, we feel betrayed that these poor excuse for “beaches” are representing the beaches in Jamaica. Because most all inclusive guest sadly never leave the hotels. They never get a chance to explore the divine perfection of a beach like Burwood Beach.

              Come explore Burwood-the best white sand beach     

If you want to visit  Jamaica and explore its beaches, then come to the best beach on the north coast of Jamaica. Burwood Beach which is picture perfect.  This beach is tucked away about a 15 minutes drive from Rose Hall. Burwood Beach has the most beautiful white sand in all of the North Coast in Montego Bay. The amazing thing about Burwood is that it is off the beaten path and definitely not many tourists know about it.

Spending a day at Burwood is like having your own private tropical beach. The white sand is so soft like a cushion under your feet. The water is crystal clear emerald green. The beach is maintained by the county so there is a small admission.

If you plan to stay close to the Rose Hall to Falmouth area, you are just a stone throw away from Burwood Beach. It gets a major thumbs up from the Locals.





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