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Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Jamaica.  Emerald View Resort Villa is the perfect venue to plan a small destination wedding.  It is tropical and beautiful. It has paranoic breathtaking views.   These views stretch almost 270 degrees from the green lush mountains to the blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea.

 Reasons to chose   this unique wedding  destination


First, it is ideal for those planning a small wedding of up to about 50 persons. The setting here automatically lends itself to small personalize gatherings.

Second,  Emerald View is ideal for those on a with a modest budget. The staff is extremely flexible. They will help you tailor your wedding according to your budget.

Third, this location is especially suited for couples looking for a location which is off the beaten path.  Those looking for somewhere unique, classic and elegant Emerald View Resort is what you are looking for.

Furthermore,  this location is best for those planning a wedding that is non- traditional.   Today, people often plan a wedding that reflects how they celebrate life. For example,  family participation is important for some.  While others may want friends to play a more active role in the ceremony.

Moreover,  a destination like Emerald View gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with family members.  The setting here is uniquely personal and intimate.

Incorporate  Jamaica culture into your Ceremony your destination wedding.


On the other hand, a beach venue is very popular.  This can be an amazing place to have a wedding.

However, there are other exotic venues to exchange vows. Try choosing a venue which incorporates the beauty of nature.   Take advantage of a venue like Emerald View. This venue is guaranteed to leave everyone with lasting impressions of your special day.

Furthermore, Jamaica has some of the best mouth-watering foods in the world. Therefore. spice up your menu with some delicious jerk chicken, curry goat which is done yard style. Raise your glasses to toast with Sorrel wine.


Finally, plan a destination wedding which personifies the destination and your lifestyles. Emerald View is an authentic Jamaican venue. Call or email us to help plan your special date


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