highway to rose hal


The  highway from Rose Hall to City  Centre in Montego Bay has officially caught up with the rest of the modern world.  Over   past 10 years, Rose Hall, Montego Bay has grown leaps and bounds. I think our new highway system has ushered these changes. It is about time.

Montego Bay has grown  significantly in almost every aspect of development as a city. The main highway, from Rose Hall to the  City Centre,  was formally  a  horrible narrow  tract, ridden with large  pot holes.  The street lights were far apart and very few.  As a result they were extremely ineffectively  pale. In so much that a dim  candlelight was brighter. On the entire strip, which was around  10 miles, there were only 5 street lights that actually worked. And one very lonely traffic light.

After a heavy shower of rain,  it  was almost impossible to  get from Rose Hall to  Montego Bay  without a boat. The pot holes transformed themselves to mini lakes reeking havoc to pedestrian and motorists alike. Along with the goats and cows who also complained. After all,  their rights to  maintain the quota of accidents they caused by stepping in  front of unsuspecting motorists had seriously been  challenged.

The drive time from Rose Hall  is only 15 minutes

Today, finally  modern divided highway. Which has decreased what  used to be a forty-five minute commute to  only 15  minutes….Unbelievable!!!

Our highway is presently lined with tall, bright luminous  LED  streetlights from the airport to  Rose Hall. Landscaped with elegant majestic Royal Palms swaying in the light tropical breezes. Traffic lights are now  at almost every intersection.  Thus, making getting around more efficient. Consequently,   adding  a more contemporary sculpture to the city .

             In Jamaica we drive on the  left drive

Those choosing to rent a car remember to drive on the left hand side. Many visitors  rent cars on line unaware  that in  Jamaica we drive on the left. This can be both  frustrating and confusing. Additionally, driving  in Jamaica can be culturally a challenging experience. For example, the car horn, has an spoken language  which only Jamaicans understand. Almost like an unofficial Morse code. On the other hand,  in other cultures it might be considered an insult   to honk.

If driving proves too much I recommend hiring a driver or tour company. Most local hotels can  refer someone that they work with.




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