montego bay convention center

The Montego Bay Convention Center is located less than 10 Mins drive from Emerald View. Therefore, this is ideal for companies and individuals looking lodging near conventions center.

      Making  conventions affordable

Most hotels close to the Montego Bay Convention Center are overpriced and all-inclusive.

Their rates are not economically practical for small companies struggling to grow their companies. Consequently, attending conventions have become a financial burden and totally impractical for various reasons.   First, their representatives will be attending conventions or trade show during the daytime, Therefore, it is unlikely that they will be able to take advantage of benefits of staying at an all-inclusive resort. Such as all you can eat food and drink.

Emerald View simply make better business sense

Booking stays at Emerald View simply makes better business sense. Our rates for room and breakfast are

economical and easily fits within the budget of most small companies. Furthermore,  Emerald View offers a direct transfer to and from the Montego Bay Convention Center, the airport or the bus station. We can offer varies customized packages of room, breakfast, and transfers.


Companies do need to grow. Attending conventions and trade show does provide the necessary exposure to help in this process. If you are looking for affordable lodging close to the convention center, we will be happy to provide you a customized package.









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