jamaica independence

In August Jamaica celebrates its 55th year of independence  from England.  Our independence celebration has always been a time of great pride. Even those Jamaicans who have travelled to distant countries and have adopted those countries  as home  cannot help but remember Jamaica at this time with gleaming  pride.

Over the past 55 years our tiny island  has endured devastating hurricanes, endless droughts and crippling floods. We have survived natural epidemics and others that only the good Lord knows  if  they were natural or genetically engineered. The Chick V and the Chick Z  mosquito viruses  are a few examples. Jamaicans have been left baffled  and dazed   years after we overcame and recovered  from these diseases  and their peculiar symptoms.  Looking back,  we still don’t have a clue what  some of these diseases  were  or how to pronounce some of them.

       The  Jamaican Spirit has Triumphed

The   invincible Jamaican  spirit has  not only survived but triumphed. Jamaica, a tiny  almost inconspicuous  dot  on the world’s map,  has had the audacity to challenge the great athletes of the world. We have completely  dominated  Track and Field consistently year after year leaving the so called world’s favourite in the dust .  We have   been presumptious enough to try to dominate  boseld, a winter sport. That one, I am still trying to figure out, because Jamaicans  begin to freeze to death if the temperature falls  below 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, Jamaicans have  taken  the dreadlock, a  hairstyle, that was traditionally  taboo  and negatively stereotyped in Western countries  and mainstreamed it into a  contemporary   fashion statement that has swept the  entire world  while still preserving its cultural and religious heritage. That is, a symbol of African pride.

Jamaica has wooed the world with its music. In so much that people who  cannot speak English can speak the language of Bob Marley’s  timeless music.  They come from  all corners of the world  chanting the melodies of the king of Reggae.

Finally, in our 55 years as an independent  nation  we have shown the world  the strength  of a people united by love, one love. Happy Birthday Jamaica or as our Rastafarians would say, Bless-up on your Earthstrong! I am waiting with great anticipation for the future contributions to the world.

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