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Large numbers of tourists come to Jamaica specifically to sample the famous ganja weed. Some countries refer to it as marijuana. Jamaica is famous around the world for producing marijuana that is extremely potent.    The high quality of our ganja ranks Jamaica at the top of being the best in the world.  This attracts a host of smokers. Some are seasoned marijuana connoisseurs other out just curiosity. It is very important that these visitors are made aware of the legal status of ganja in Jamaica to avoid potential entanglements with the law.

                              Ganja is not legal in Jamaica

The biggest misconception is that Ganja is legal in Jamaica. That is completely false. Smoking ganja is not legal in Jamaica.  In 2015  our government made an amendment to the  Dangerous Drug Act decriminalizing the use of marijuana. According to Jamaican law, currently, it is a ticketable offense to possess less than 2 ounces. Prior to this amendment, it was a criminal offense to possess any amount of marijuana. In plain English, we came to a comprise. Instead of the possibility, prior to this amendment, of going to jail,  our police officers can now just write a  ticket. The amount payable for $500 Ja.  The conversion rate in United States dollars is around $4.50.

On the other hand, if caught with more than 2 ounces of ganja in Jamaica one can be arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail. Therefore, the determining factor of being legally compliant come down to the quantity. Less than 2 ounces subject to a ticket, more than 2 ounces Ganga criminal offense.


The second misconception about ganja is that smoking is legal everywhere in Jamaica. Under Jamaican law, it is prohibited to light up ganja or cigarette in a public place or 5 meters from a public place. A public place is defined a restaurant, hospital, school. This offense is considered to also ticket able.


Lastly, we welcome all guests from around the world smokers or nonsmokers. Most places have designated areas to smoke. Please if you are a smoker, smoke with the confines of our laws.




  1. Jayden Bargeman

    But the fact is , Jamaican marijuana legalization happened only beginning in 2015. Before legalization, you could easily get busted for ganja in Jamaica , especially if you were a tourist.

  2. emeraldvUsr

    Ganja is not legalised it is decrimminalised

  3. emeraldvUsr

    this is a test

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