The best ways to convert currency to Jamaican Dollars-Avoid long Lines

Changing to Jamaican Dollars  is necessary if you  are planning to  travel throughout the island. Those staying at  an All Inclusive Property may not need to convert any currrency.  Chances are they will not be leaving the property. Here are … Read More

Tap water is bottled from river water

Jamaica’s tap water comes from rivers water is safe to drink

Is the tap water in Jamaica safe to drink?”  Is one  of the most frequently asked questions by my guests.  The answer is yes. Actaully, the tap water in Jamaica is of a higher  quality than most water in some … Read More

bath Fountain

Bath Fountain Mineral Springs with healing waters in Jamaica- fact or fad

Bath  Fountain  has  minerals  that heal  a variety of aliments. Similar mineral springs have been sought after for years, as far back as ancient Egypt. Many believe in their healing properties, and Jamaica has several mineral springs.  But Bath Fountain is … Read More

Sun Burn in Jamaica can be Painful-4 Myths About Tanning

There are 4  major myths that prevent visitors  from  tanning safely thus damaging   their skins or   suffering painful sun burn. Myth number 1-that prevents safe tanning: Visitors from countries  with hot summers come to Jamaica falsely  thinking  they … Read More