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Adventure seekers Finally a Great Attraction-Chukka Cove Good Hope – A must See

Adventure seekers should visit Chukka’s theme park located at Good Hope Estates.   I believe this is one the best attraction for thrill seekers and nature lovers of all ages. If you are a daredevil at heart and appreciate the great outdoors,  then this adventure theme … Read More

ganja smoking

Ganja or marijunia fads in Jamaica-Be aware

Large numbers of tourists come to Jamaica specifically to sample the famous ganja weed. Some countries refer to it as marijuana. Jamaica is famous around the world for producing marijuana that is extremely potent.    The high quality of our ganja ranks Jamaica … Read More

burwood beach white sand beach

White Sand Beach- Burwood- A must See

The best white sand beach, Burwood  Beach, is located in the Rose Hall-Montego Bay area.  It is one of the very few natural beaches on the North Coast of Jamaica. However, it is often overlooked by most travelers. Ironically,  travelers … Read More

jamaica independence

Jamaica has Changed Since Independence-Come Celebrate with Us

In August Jamaica celebrates its 55th year of independence  from England.  Our independence celebration has always been a time of great pride. Even those Jamaicans who have travelled to distant countries and have adopted those countries  as home  cannot help … Read More

Jamaicans np problem

Jamaicans are warm-Our motto “No Problem Man”

  Jamaicans are considered to be some of the warmest people in the Caribbean. Our smiles warmer than the brilliant sunshine on a summer’s day. Of course, what you expect from a nation whose National Motto is  unofficially “No  Problem Man”.  Actually, … Read More

highway to rose hal

Rose Hall New Highway Has Transformed Montego Bay-come explore

  The  highway from Rose Hall to City  Centre in Montego Bay has officially caught up with the rest of the modern world.  Over   past 10 years, Rose Hall, Montego Bay has grown leaps and bounds. I think our new … Read More

Reasons to Revisit Jamaica Beautiful Beaches and Courteous People

I  often asked my guest, especially the ones that  revisit Jamaica,  why they choose to revisit Jamaica ? You may be  pleasantly  surprised to learn the answer. It may surprise you that   about eighty per cent of them gave … Read More

Overcoming Language barriers with Jamaicans if you not speak English

Jamaica is an English speaking country.  You will have no trouble with Jamaicans understanding you if you speak English.  Actually,  Jamaicans are very creative.  If you even speak  very little English,  or to tell you the truth absolutely no English … Read More

The best ways to convert currency to Jamaican Dollars-Avoid long Lines

Changing to Jamaican Dollars  is necessary if you  are planning to  travel throughout the island. Those staying at  an All Inclusive Property may not need to convert any currrency.  Chances are they will not be leaving the property. Here are … Read More

Tap water is bottled from river water

Jamaica’s tap water comes from rivers water is safe to drink

Is the tap water in Jamaica safe to drink?”  Is one  of the most frequently asked questions by my guests.  The answer is yes. Actaully, the tap water in Jamaica is of a higher  quality than most water in some … Read More