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Bath  Fountain  has  minerals  that heal  a variety of aliments. Similar mineral springs have been sought after for years, as far back as ancient Egypt. Many believe in their healing properties, and Jamaica has several mineral springs.  But Bath Fountain is one of the best

Interestingly, scientists  have proven from research that some of the mineral springs in Jamaica  have  minerals  that far exceed some of the world ‘s famous spa.  Such as Milk River, where the Bath Fountain, is located is very radioactive. More  radioactive than Bath, England, Vichy, France, and Baden, Switzerland, among others. It is highly saline and the temperature ranges to around 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bath Mineral Spring   waters  are rich in minerals.   Such as magnesium, sodium, suffer and lime.  It consist of two springs one hot and one cold. The natural spring waters are believed to aid in the recovery of a wide range of ailments.  Some of these  includes gout, rheumatism and various in skin conditions.

      Bath Fountain dates back to 18th century

The history of this natural healing  phenomena   according  to local historian dates back to the  18th century.  Where Legend has it, a runaway slave who had been whipped and beaten escaped  and stumbled  on the spring.  After immersing himself for several days in the salty tasting water, on Bath Fountain was healed. Then he returned to the plantation. His master  agreed to forgive the. offenses  if the slave  showed him where he bathed.  The plantation owner fenced it off.  Thus, the first baths were opened to the public in 1794.  Today Milk River Baths now has 9 private baths, a 13 room hotel with restaurant and bar and an outdoor mineral swimming pool.

Finally, every year large numbers of people spend thousands of dollars going to expensive, luxurious spas that are  merely frills. Their  overpriced  treatments almost ineffective.  On the other hand, Bath Fountain  is a simple natural, inexpensive, effective gift of healing that nature  has given.  Which is affordable to just about everyone.  Our generation is currently being over medicated with synthetic  drugs. Therefore, its existence during this time is indeed a miracle of healing.

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