Jamaica is an English speaking country.  You will have no trouble with Jamaicans understanding you if you speak English.  Actually,  Jamaicans are very creative.  If you even speak  very little English,  or to tell you the truth absolutely no English at all Jamaicans will find a way to interpet your language. I once had a couple from Japan stay at Emerald View, needless to say I do not speak Japanese and they not a word of English. But we understood each others request just fine.

If you do not want to purchase an digital translator that may or may not work. Google Translates is definitely a great service. It works very well in Jamaica with translating Englsih. Furthemore it is free, very simple and easy to use. The only set back is that you have to be connected to WiFi.

                                   The Jamaican Tourist Board provides Interperters

Secondly, the Jamaican Tourist Board also provides a great service in providing interperters. Just call them at  (876)-929-9200 and tell them the language that you need to translate.  Chances are they will have someone to connect you with that speaks your language and can translate it to English.

There are also Translating App that you can download from the Play Store. Sonee are free,  other you may have to Pay a premium for. I would reconnect that you I you do decide to downlaod an app before  your trip test it very througly that it works in your langauge.

If all else fails the ancient art of keeping a pen and paper handy because the art of drawing your request is definately alive and well with  Jamaicans. If for exanple, you are hungry and want some food, draw food on the paper. Then back it up with sign language by pointing to your stomach. If you are looking for the beach, role play swimming. Do not feel embrassed, Jamaicans are very practical people and we are very anxious to help you.

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