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Adventure seekers should visit Chukka’s theme park located at Good Hope Estates.   I believe this is one the best attraction for thrill seekers and nature lovers of all ages. If you are a daredevil at heart and appreciate the great outdoors,  then this adventure theme park is a must see.

What sets this  Adventure Seekers’ Theme Park Apart?

This adventure seekers estate is located on 2000 acres of lush green land hidden in a small, rustic, tropical village in Trelawny just 15 mins drive from Falmouth. It is surrounded by gently rolling hills, and tall majestic coconuts trees swaying in the fresh morning breeze. The Martha Brae River flows through the park.  There is a bird sanctuary and a 300-foot drop waterfall and of course a museum the historic famous Good Hope Great House. All key elements in creating a first class ” off the beaten path adventure seekers attraction”.

What is my favorite activity at this adventure’s seekers park?

My favorite tour is, of course, the Zip Line. This Chukka Adventure park offers 5  different lines. Each line is faster and more exciting than the next. The lines are within striking distance of each other. Consequently, this keeps the adrenalin constantly pumping. Leaving no time to contemplate the sanity or insanity of flying through the air at warped speed. No time to calculate the likelihood of crashing into the sobering trees through which you fly.

Other Activities……

The Dirt Bike is an awesome experience. I found this an innovating way to

journey through orange groves and various tropical fruit farm. The terrain…..perfectly bumpy and exhilarating for the daredevil in everyone.

The River Rafting Tour is very relaxing and informative. The rapids along this part of the Martha Brea are gentle. The cold river water invigorating. The tour guides are highly informative about trees and the historic structures along the riverbed as you meander along.


In summary, this activity is only 30 mins drive from Emerald View. Our rates

are extremely affordable. We welcome adventure seekers and will be happy to arrange affordable tours to Chukka’s Adventure Good Hope theme park.

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