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Are you tired of those overpriced large all inclusive hotel? Do you want to visit beautiful  Montego Bay Jamaica and actually  meet the people, see what sets this tropical paradise apart from  other islands. while relaxing looking at great ocean views?  Then consider a stay with us.


Classic Affordable Great Ocean View

Ideally located on a hill about 500 feet above sea level. This without a doubt gives us the best most breathtaking panoramic ocean views in the entire island of Jamaica. This ocean view is truly priceless and invaluable no other compares. You can watch waves break along the contour of the barrier reefs in the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is a nature lover’s paradise.

Just 15 mins From The Montego Bay Airport

Located just 12 miles, 15 to 20 minutes drive east of Sangsters International Airport, Montego Bay. We are about 20 minutes drives from the main drive the Hip Strip,the Hub of the city’s nightlife. We are 8 minutes drive from Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, and  all the Golf Courses in Rose Hall, Treasure Hunt the only casino in the city. The Rose Hall Hilton, the Iberostar Rose Hall, the Montego Bay Convention Center and the Cruise Ship Terminal are also  close.

Call us for airport pickup – $35.00

Telephone: 1-876-465-2054

Close Attractions

Quick access to some of the best attractions in Jamaica

Dunns River Falls

The Dunns River waterfall is  by far the most popular attraction on the island. It is a must for visitors to the Jamaica. It features several nature spas. The white waters cascading  through the rocks is rich in minerals that will rejuvenate the body.

It is about one hour drive from Emerald View so it is easy  to plan a trip day  with us.

Doctor’s Cave Beach


Doctor’s Cave was first  established in  1909  as a bathing club. Initially, it became famous because it was discovered that certain minerals found in the  waters had healing powers. Today the beach is open to the public.

There is a $6.00 per person for admission fee. Beach umbrellas, locker, and snorkelling  equipment are  available  for rental. Lifeguards and security are present on the beach site.

During the busy winter months Doctor’s Cave Beach can be heavily populated with tourist. This is more so on ship days. Hundreds and tourist flood the beach from  both Cruise Ship Terminals, both  Montego Bay and Falmouth. I often advise my guests to plan a beach day at Doctor’s Cave Beach on days that the Cruise Ships are not in port.

Restaurants are located on the beach itself. One can spend an entire day on the  beach. Doctors’s Cave is a great place to spend a day it located in the heart of Montego Bay, known as the Hip Strip. This is the tourist  capital of Jamaica. Lots of gift ships, bars and restaurants and night club all within walking distance of each others

Scotchies Jerk Centre

Jamaican Jerk done by any other does not taste the same as Scotchies.

The food is amazing. Get the chicken, pork and some festivals. Great authentic atmosphere. Nice seating area with a bar. Food to go. Very affordable.

Scotchies has 3 location for those travelling across Jamaica. Montego Bay, Ochio Rios and Kingston.

Burwood Beach

Sandy white beach of Burwood

Perfect for those looking to get lost on a quite beach. What make Burwood Beach unique it is the white  only Beach in the this area  where one can walk of jog along the soft white  sand for about a mile.

Burwood  Beach because of its setting tend to be less crowded than Doctor’s Cave. In essence, is simply gorgeous unspoiled  and usually uncrowded.

An easy 10 minutes commute from Emerald View.

Luminous Lagoon

I tell my guest that if I came to  Jamaica and could only do one attraction, the Luminous Lagoon would  be it.

Simply, because it is the most wondrous amazing thing that I have ever seen. My guests have described it as stars floating on the water. I am told this phenomena exist only four places in the world. This lagoon is  the brightest.  Therefore, Jamaica is the only place in the world one can experience  nature at its best.

The Luminous lagoon is located where the Martha Brea River meets the Ocean. It is  just 5 minutes drive from the Crusie Ship Port in Falmouth.

Scientists  have studied this Bay for years and no one is quite sure what factors produce this magical water here.  I refer to the Luminous  lagoon as the eight wonder of the world because it is absolutely incredible. The water when agitated glows or luminates and if you jump in the water and swim  you will  glow. To capture this magic you need a special camera your cell phone or regular camera will not do.  Most of the time the attraction itself will have photographers on hand equipted with cameras that can capture this magic.

Rafting Martha Brae River- Jamaica

Rafting on the Martha Brae R iver

This attraction is about 30 mins drive from the Emerald View,  Rose Hall and 40 mins Drive from Montego Bay. It is located in the hills of Trelawny and is a favourite for the visitors who come Cruise Ship Terminal in Falmouth.  The setting for the rafting tours is in the Tropical Rainforest. The forest is lush with green vegetation. The river is lazy  as it slowly meanders  through the hills. This tour last for about 90 mins  Come abroad, leave your cares behind.

Rooms & Suites

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Garden View

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$100/ night
King ocean Room

King Ocean View

Sleeps 2, Private King Ocean View.

$115/ night

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We are small around 15 rooms with most of rooms with ocean views. We provide airport shuttle for $35.00. Please call ahead of time to access this service or send a request to our email sales@emeraldview.net.

We have received the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence consecutively from

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

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